Peace of Mind

The Peace of Mind Program provides a forum for female defendants to discuss specific life stressors, traumatic events and triggers. Each participant will have the opportunity to explore how their thoughts and feelings, directly or indirectly, impacted their involvement in the criminal justice system. The program’s mantra is “wise women walk away.” 

The Peace of Mind Program was started in 2015 and has more than 50 graduates. In September 2018, the Peace of Mind Program earned the Ohio State Bar Association's Innovative Court Programs and Practices Award

Peace of Mind was created by Judge Annalisa S. Williams. Judge Williams and her team have led the program since its inception.

Akron Municipal Court Peace of Mind Program Benefits:

  • Develop coping skills
  • Reduction of fines and court costs
  • Early termination of probation

Program Requirements:

  • Female defendants only
  • One year probation
  • Must establish or maintain sobriety
  • Complete all nine group sessions (Understanding, Anger, Self-Esteem, Anxiety, Grief, Guilt, Shame, Depression and Perfectionism)
  • Complete a workbook review
  • Complete an exit interview with the Probation Officer 
  • Complete a final status review with Judge Annalisa S. Williams
  • Complete any required after-care (anger management, parenting classes, AA/NA, counseling, etc.)
Judge Annalisa S. Williams

Judge Annalisa S. Williams