Clerk of Courts

Jim Laria retired effective October 31, 2021

Jim Laria, Akron Municipal Clerk of Courts, has successfully managed our most important responsibilities by properly protecting over $10 million annually and working with judges, police and prosecutors to duly secure our court records with technological advancements since 1997. He has continued to operate the office in an efficient manner while working within the city’s budgetary allowances.

The office continues to be modernized and the work environment improved. FedEx is now offered as an alternate delivery option for service of civil filings which has increased the efficiency of cases proceeding to court. Electronic e-filing of traffic tickets issued by Ohio State Highway Patrol and Bath Police Department are now being filed, which was funded by a grant from their public safety office. The staff continues to streamline the digital imaging process on all civil pleadings, which are accessible on our website. In addition, some traffic and criminal cases are being imaged.

Recognized around Ohio as an innovative leader in court management, Jim Laria has been awarded Ohio’s outstanding Municipal Clerk of Courts. He is a past president of the Ohio Association of Municipal Court Clerks after serving six years as Educational Chair. Also, he is a past elected member of the Akron School Board. Jim is a proud graduate of Akron Public Schools and the University of Akron in Education. Additionally, he graduated from the National Judicial College on Court Management.